3-Steps to Hollywood Sound in Seconds

1. Choose a Sound Effect Preset

Browse our curated library of over 120 SFX presets across nine most-requested use case scenarios. Plus, subscribers receive new presets every month.

2. Shape Your Sound in Real-Time

Intuitively generate sounds using your mouse as you listen to and shape them in real time. Achieve the exact timing, length, and emotion to fit your video.

3. Drag and Drop Into Your Project

No more cluttered downloads. Simply drag and drop the generated sounds directly into your video timeline or project media. It’s immediate – you’ll love this!

Your Shortcut to Hollywood-Quality Sound Effects in Seconds

You set out to channel your energy into what you love doing – crafting enthralling visual stories. Instead, you’re scrolling through never-ending websites for SFX 🤷 You’re listening to hundreds of mediocre sounds 🤦 You’re working overtime or compromising on quality 🥹

You can now bid farewell to the tedious routine of searching, downloading, layering, and editing sound effects.

Krotos Studio offers an intuitive, inspiring, and performative interface with real-time sound manipulation and an expansive selection of ready-to-use presets – all 100% royalty-free and no copyright strikes 🚀 The power to create sound effects seamlessly shaped to match your vision!

Preview the Sound Effect Presets

Preview some of Krotos Studio’s most loved presets.

Boots Urban


Basic Cloth

Dark Entry

Want to hear and see every sound effect preset in action?

Trusted by Video Editors

“I’ve never seen anything easier and faster than Krotos Studio for tailoring ambiences and adding them to scenes.”

Josh Beal, ACE
Editor (Fleishman Is in Trouble, Night Sky, Locke & Key)
Krotos Studio user

“The most ingenious software I’ve ever used. Anyone doing sound for cinematic projects 100% needs to use Krotos Studio.”

Matt Burleson
Matt Burleson Productions
Krotos Studio user

“I can now very easily create the perfect sound for my video footage using Krotos Studio.”

Sebastian Friedrich
Freelance Video Editor

“I’ve been able to solve many sound design challenges using Krotos Studio. It’s impossible for me not to recommend it.”

Fernando Fonseca-Espinoza
Editor (Defenders of Life, La Cualquiera)

A Hollywood Sound Studio in Your Workstation

Krotos is trusted by top professionals and companies in the post-production industry. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has made us a leader in sound design software.

AI Foley Engine

The AI-Powered presets are powerful additions to Krotos Studio, complementing the existing library with a new tactile way to create sounds, that feel like you are interacting with real objects.

Learn More

DaVinci Resolve

Krotos Studio is fully supported in DaVinci Resolve as an instrument plugin. This makes your sound effects workflow faster and more efficient than ever.

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Craft your sound from a plethora of use cases: Ambiences, Cinematic, Foley, Footsteps, Whooshes, Weather, Interface, Weapons, Vehicle and more

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